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Airport | Phoenix, Arizona

Located just a few miles from Downtown Phoenix, and within minutes from a multitude of attractions and resorts, Phoenix's Sky Harbor has an enviable mix of business and leisure travelers, as well as the significant local population base that it serves. Every year Phoenix hosts college bowl games, MLB Spring Training, NASCAR, PGA golf tournaments, Arabian horse shows and exclusive auto auctions. As a top ten U.S. airport, PHX handles 1,200 flights and more than 115,000 passengers every day within its three terminals and 121 aircraft gates. Sixteen airlines fly to more than 80 domestic and 20 international destinations, including every major media market and population base in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

The 42+ million annual passengers are an equal balance of local residents and visitors, with an even mix of “business" and “leisure" as the stated purpose for flying. These travelers tend to be more affluent, have discretionary income, and include active retirees and golf enthusiasts. Phoenix is home to all major professional sports, higher education, aerospace, tech, healthcare, solar and biotech industries.

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