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LA is #1 Feeder Market into McCarran Airport

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Los Angeles is the number one feeder market flying into Las Vegas with 424 scheduled flights per week (through March, 2014 (first quarter, 2014)).  This is inclusive of all five LA area airports of which Los Angeles International (LAX) is the #1 feeder airport to McCarran and Burbank* the 17th largest feeder into Las Vegas.

The San Francisco bay area(San Francisco Int, Oakland and San Jose) is the number two feeder city/area(280 flights/wk) into LV, followed by Denver(146 flights/wk), Chicago(140 flights/wk), and Phoenix*(120 flights/wk).  Other top feeder markets include New York(108 flights/wk), Seattle (103 flights/wk), Houston(101 flights/wk), Dallas(94 flights/wk), San Diego(93 flights/wk), Atlanta(87 flights/wk) and Salt Lake City*(78 flights/wk). McCarran also receives 56 flights/week from Portland* International, another Alliance Airport Advertising handled airport.

In 2013, Las Vegas entertained 39.7 million visitors from throughout the United States and the world.  The fastest growing segment of the Las Vegas visitor is the International visitor which is now 20% of the visitors and expected to be up to 30% in the next few years. International Visitors spend over three times what a domestic visitor spends on their stay in Las Vegas. (Shopping/Entertainment/Sightseeing).

*Alliance Airport Advertising handled Airport

source McCarran Airport, 2014, Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Bureau