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Advertising in Airports FAQ's... or answering your questions before you ask

Q: Where does Alliance manage airport advertising?

A: In cities you want to be seen in!

Las Vegas, Nevada – Ever heard of it?

Los Angeles/Burbank, California – Right in the middle of the stars and cars and pretty people with big checkbooks!

Phoenix, Arizona – Top 20 media market and the self-appointed Valley of the Sun. Golf? Spa? Professional sports? How do we ever get our work done here?

Portland, Oregon – Home to a multi-year Conde Nast “Best Airport” that Pacific Northwest travelers love. They actually come early and look at the carpet, eat, drink, shop and absorb.

Salt Lake City, Utah – Ever heard of that hunk Robert Redford and the Sundance Film Festival in Park City? SLC is the airport to all that glamour. And for outdoor enthusiasts like hikers and bikers and climbers (oh, my!). Or, just fly Delta Airlines and you’ll probably hub through SLC.

Q: Do you accept credit card payment?

A: Nope. We don’t like to pay the fees. Checks and wire transfer only, please.

Q: Where should payments be sent:

A: To our corporate office: 8945 W Russell Road, Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89148

Q: When do I need to pay?

A: Before your posting date. Payments are due 10 business days prior to post. Production and installation fees must also be paid in advance—we’re pretty firm on this so the printers and posters get your job done on time.

Q: I hear lots of celebrities fly in and out of the Burbank Airport. Is that true?

A: Does “Hollywood” have it’s own hill?

Q: Why do you pre-bill 45 days in advance?

A: To give our clients enough time to process payment and get it to us on time. See, in our business, we have to pay our airports whether we’ve been paid or not. It’s called cashflow. And like any good business, it’s best to have it coming in while it’s going out. We like to do good business.

Q: What time are the midnight shows in Vegas?

A: Hello! Duh.

Q: Are there any advertising restrictions?

A: Yep. Alliance does not accept sex, tobacco, religious or political messages. Keeps us out of trouble. Each airport may have it’s own restrictions, beyond these. Alcohol advertising is accepted at only some of our airports, for instance. Please contact your Sales Representative for more information.

Q: My company is interested in a unique ad display. Do your airports allow that?

A: In many cases, yes! Please contact us direct with details, and we’ll work hard to get your idea approved and installed, pronto. Sponsorships, branding, marketing programs and regular old digital and backlit ad programs are in our bag of expertise, too.

Q: Do you need to see artwork before we print?

A: Every. Single. Time. No exceptions. It might be pretty as all getout, but if it hasn’t been approved, it won’t get posted.

Q: Where should I send the art for your seal of approval?

A: We have stellar Traffic & Production associates that keep us all coordinated. They can answer any questions including (I’m told) which really came first—the chicken or the egg. Digital files can be sent to our FTP server – ask for a link for an easy upload. Sign graphics are usually mailed to the specific city’s office and must be received 10 days prior to posting. Please contact the Traffic and Production manager in your market for complete instructions.

Q: Is Portland really like “Portlandia”?

A: Did the chicken cross the road?

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